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Salary & Benefit Surveys

Salary & Benefit Surveys

Remuneration is a key factor in attraction, motivation and retention of the right talent. It is, therefore, important to develop a clear understanding of the remuneration levels in the market for determining the positioning of your organisation. Our Salary and Benefits Surveys provide you with the information necessary to develop an appropriate reward management system.

We can offer you the relevant data through primary data collection or by extracting them from and our proprietary database. Future Options has built up a strong proprietary database of salary and benefits structure in Uganda. The database is regularly updated. In each case, in consultation with you, we identify comparators (entities similar to client organisation) and collect and present the relevant data.

The survey results are presented in easy-to-understand formats making the process of internalising the findings and related decision making as straightforward as possible.

We have carried out Salary Surveys for organisations in diverse sectors and industries. These include NGOs, multinationals, educational institutions, manufacturing industries, financial institutions and Government Parastatals. We have also carried out specialised surveys; for example, a survey on the remuneration of Non- Executive Directors of listed companies.

Where the clients require a scientific, internally equitable and externally competitive salary structure, we combine the Salary Surveys with Job Evaluation and Grading.

For more information on our reward management services, please contact us by email on info@futureoptions.org