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Outsourcing & Payroll Management

Outsourcing & Payroll Management


Our Human Resource Outsourcing solutions offer organisational flexibility, efficiency, productivity and cost reduction. The HR outsourcing packages can be structured to meet your particular requirements. We outsource to international companies operating in the oil sector (oil exploration and production), power sector (electricity generation), telecommunication, manufacturing and service sectors, among others.

Our outsourcing services are focused on four key elements:

·     Quality: We internalise the client needs and offer solutions in line with the specific requirements. As an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, we pay particular attention to quality standards.

·     Compliance: We fulfil the compliance requirements as per the law and contractual obligations.

·     Employee Engagement: We strive to develop a win-win situation for all parties by focusing on employee engagement that can effectively strengthen employee commitment and motivation.

·     Risk Management: We shall evaluate the risks in the outsourcing arrangement and put in place adequate measures to mitigate the risks. We do not wish to put the reputation of Future Options or the client at risk. Our risk management measures include established policies and procedures, high compliance standards, adequate insurance cover and the Board oversight.

For more information on our HR outsourcing services, please contact us on info@futureoptions.org


Our payroll services offer accuracy, timeliness and confidentiality. All these factors contribute to organizational efficiency and employee satisfaction. The services cover salaries and employee benefits.

The highlights of our Payroll Services are as follows:

·     Preparation of Payroll: We prepare the payroll in good time before the pay-day and submit the same to the client for a review. The payroll is prepared based on the updated data (including any changes in the employee salary and benefits) and the relevant tax laws.

·     Salary Remittances: The net salary is remitted to employee bank accounts by EFT/on-line banking solutions and provide salary slips to each employee.

·     Statutory and Tax Obligations: We shall compute the tax liabilities such as PAYE, Local Service Tax and statutory deductions such as NSSF. We prepare, file the returns and remit to appropriate tax authority/statutory bodies the amount of tax liability within the prescribed deadlines.

·     Reports and Documentary Evidence: We shall provide periodical reports and documentary evidence for the payment of salaries, allowances, NSSF and tax deductions, etc.

Our expertise and time-tested systems help us manage any responsibility and challenges related to payroll management.

For more information on our Payroll management services, please contact us on info@futureoptions.org