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Finding The Right People

Finding The Right People

Finding the right people is a critical step in ensuring the success of your business. Very often, your people determine your success. At the same time, finding the right person for a key role can be a daunting task. That is the reason why at Future Options, we offer several approaches to recruitment. You can choose the right approach to ensure that you can get the right person within a reasonable timeframe and at the right price.

Our recruitment services include the following

  •      Executive Recruitment
  •      Headhunting
  •      Advertised Search
  •      Database Search and E-Recruitment
  •      Project Recruitment


Executive Recruitment

Our Executive Recruitment services are focused on sourcing top-notch professionals for managing your business. We recognise that every job is unique, and the needs of each client are different. Our experienced consultants use the competency-based approach to identify “factors for success” & of the job and identify candidates with adequate proficiency levels in those competencies. We consider leadership, emotional intelligence and communication skills are as important as the technical competencies.


When you are looking for high calibre individuals with superior skills and competencies to fill critical positions in your organisation, our headhunting service is the right solution for you. Our understanding of the market and expertise in targeted search approach ensure that we can reach the best candidates and, within the required timeframe. Headhunting is discreet and very effective where the specialised skills called for are scarce, and demand is high.

As we have successfully executed a large number of headhunting assignments, we were able to build a strong database of high calibre candidates. We network continuously, identify the sources and prospects, establish and nurture relationships with quality candidates, and enrich our database continuously.

For more information on our headhunting services, please contact us by email on info@futureoptions.org

Advertised Search

Advertised Search provides the reach, inclusiveness and visibility for a recruitment effort. The advertising medium can be newspapers or online platforms such as Linkedin. We shall design a compelling advertisement for you that attracts the right candidates for filling the position. Advertised search offers an opportunity for any candidates to apply for a job. As such, it supports your policy on diversity.

Advertisement is only the first step. Shortlisting based on the specified criteria, assessment of candidates using a variety of methods and tools and at the end, reference check will ensure that that you get the best candidates for the position. You will make the final decision after interviewing the candidates shortlisted by our specialist consultants.

For more information on our Advertised Search services, please contact us by email on info@futureoptions.org

Database Search and E-Recruitment

For positions in the lower levels of organisational hierarchy, Database Search and E-Recruitment can be good options. Under the Database Search, we can search our database and identify the candidates who meet the job requirements. After shortlisting, we shall assess the candidates and send the best suitable candidates for your final interview and selection.

E-recruitment is a cost-effective option of advertising the job on our popular job portal and attracting suitable candidates for filling the position. The E-Recruitment platform simplifies the search process for you. It allows you to quickly search the candidates using the key requirements of the job and enable you to develop the first shortlist. Where the eligible candidates are many, the shortlist can be further refined using more detailed criteria. These candidates can then be assessed using appropriate tools (psychometric test, aptitude test, competency-based interviews, etc.) to identify the best few candidates for your final interview and section.

For more information on our Database Search and E-Recruitment services, please contact us by email on info@futureoptions.org

Project Recruitment

When you are launching a new business venture or a new project, our Project Recruitment will be the best solution for meeting your recruitment needs. Project Recruitment is designed to address your need for recruiting for multiple positions at different organisational levels in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our Project Recruitment solutions combine different recruitment approaches and come with a specific Project Manager from Future Options. The Project Manager will take care of all your recruitment needs and enable you to complete the selection process quickly and efficiently.

For more information on our Project Recruitment services, please contact us by email on info@futureoptions.org